SoftBlocks is development enviroment for Danfoss MCX controllers.


Technical specifications of Danfoss MCX controllers:

Clicking on any interesting controller you will go to the site of our partners, where you can buy it already with the finished firmware.

Use an internal applications for fast Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning project creating 

Step by step configuration master

Create controlling program for typical task in few steps- just answer on master's questions

Advanced configuration windows

Wide kit of options and parameters

Capabilities of free programming 

Attach any non standard logic to your application if it's necessary.


Learning videos:

Subscribe our YouTube channel. There are much useful info about Danfoss MCX programming. Also you will find Danfoss controllers overviews and other stuff. Check for an updates.

Quick start

Firmware loading

MCX Simulator

BIOS of the PLC

Display setting

Create your own applications based on a default templates for your personal tasks

Create project, based on default template

Default template already exists basic values, alarms and menu tree

Edit your menu tree

Add to your project necessary drive objects, control units, variables, alarms and make it bidirectional.

Build control logic

Integrate your PLC in an existing dispatching system

Automatic variable address sheet generating in time of compilation
100% of vareiables are abalable in a web

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